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CPU Air and Liquid Cooler Reviews

Browse through a variety of computer hardware reviews relating to internal pc components to external peripherals and addons. PCWizKid has a variety of the latest popular brand CPU Coolers that provide quality components for your PC.  If you a hardcore gamer looking to overclock your system, take a look at these options below.  There are three categories of coolers: air, closed-loop or all-in one liquid (AIO) coolers, or custom / open-loop cooling setups. Note that open-loop cooling systems are the most complex and expensive option and for that reason I will not be showing those in my playlist at this time.

PCWizKid's focus is on:

Air coolers, comprised of a combination of metal heatsinks, copper heatpipes and fans, come in all shapes and sizes and varying thermal dissipation capacities (usually listed as TDP). High-end air coolers are capable to match some all-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers.

AIO or closed-loop coolers can be quieter than air coolers and are maintenance free. AIOs have also become resistant to leaks over the years and easier to install.  However you still need to plan ahead for the size and location to install the radiator it comes with.

PCWizKid has put together a video review playlist.  You can click below and scroll to watch the review of your choice.

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