Building a PC in 2021

Is putting together your next PC challenging? If your stuck making a decision and need assistance, PCWizKid is here to help clarify.  First some questions for you:
Will you be using it mostly for the games? applications, graphics intensive software? or just plain average mainstream home use?

There are several ways at approaching building your power house PC, you can work within a budget and stay within your limits or you can build according to the preferred system configuration the manufacturer of the games or software suggests for performance. Otherwise if you want to make sure you can run anything and everything just build an Enthusiast PC!

For consumers what are the important factors to consider when making your decision?

  • Specification and Price - A look at each processor and its specifications. A look into the cost, value, and price analysis.
  • Performance - A look into how both AMD and Intel processors perform for gaming and general multitasking.
  • Integrated Graphics - A look at the pros and cons of using integrated graphics, what they are, and which brand does it best.
  • Overclocking - Which processors are locked and unlocked for overclocking, and what you will need to do so.
  • Upgradability/Longevity - Some processors and motherboards can be used for multiple generations, some only a single generation.
  • Availability and Support - A look at product availability and compatibility.
  • Brand Speculation - A look at what is coming next from AMD and Intel with new releases and some exciting developments to keep you more future proof.
While in the past 10 years AMD had been playing catchup with Intel regarding the gaming CPU market, Intel's undisputed lead as the best processor for gaming has come to a halt these past few years.  The situation radically changed when AMD released its Ryzen CPU line, which gave so much performance for the price making it more difficult for Intel to keep its monopoly and domination for gamers.  Having said that, many people have been used to hearing for years if you are looking for maximum performance and price is not an issue, Intel's CPU's are still perform really good at the single core benchmarks.  However the release in 2019 of the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X, this redefined what a CPU under $800 can do in multitasking, gaming, and content creation and Intel could not really touch that yet.  And with the Ryzen 9 3900X being less than $500 USD it makes you wonder what Intel is going to do about it?  The Ryzen 9  is a beast thats made Intel now having to come up with something comparable or better.  Lets also not forget that consumers are realizing they no longer need to buy a more expensive Intel CPU and motherboard. Now we have Intel's 11th Gen Processors coming out for 2021 which means that you can start getting deals on the 10th Gen Intel CPU's as they get replaced.

PCWizKid has put together a video playlist of all the CPU's reviewed so far for you, click below to watch and scroll through the ones you want to see.

AMD Series of PC Builds Videos

Intel Series of PC Builds Videos